Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Welcome to Fresh Meat Explosion

It's always interesting to watch a new website explode. You haven't heard of it? Well, since there are like 6,7 billion people on this weird planet and each of them has about 4 different websites on which they post the length of their toenails, photos of their pet-skunk or a new song they made with a plastic bag and a wounded ocelot, and the internet is a fragile dark matter space which can only hold so much information, bad websites who contain nothing but crap explode every second. It is necessary! So I thought I'll just beat the internet police to it and detonate mine manually. It's a weird feeling to blast your site into oblivion, weird but also good. Like stars explode in space to give birth to other stars which eventually develop an atmosphere to grow life in just so that some weird species can invent jelly beans which taste like toothpaste. I'm serious. I read it on another website. Anyway as I watch my site slowly evaporate you may still enjoy the stuff that was once on it since it takes a while for a supernova to be visible on your screen and while you are reading each and every post be aware that it has posted trillions of years ago and the fact that you are reading it just now is not because the internet is so damn slow, but because your eyes are so incredibly lazy. Wait, is that really how it works? Hang on, I'm gonna check that on wikipedia.
Meanwhile watch this dot ---> o

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