Dienstag, 30. September 2008

The never-ending Bust-A-Move

Does anybody remember the good old Puzzle Bobble, or "Bust-a-Move" as it is called on the DreamCast and some other platforms? Well I guess you don't really have to be nostalgic as the game is still all over the shop. I swear, you can purchase it as one of those tiny digital watches with a game inside. Anyway, a while ago I got a version for my mobile phone, because I was bored and had to pass time. I really dig Puzzle Bobble, it's a really cool game. I played it in the arcades and had a copy for my DreamCast as well. It's a good alternative to Tetris and at least to me, one of the finest puzzle games of all time. But the one I downloaded for my mobile phone lacks one particular feature which made the game go less interesting the more often I played it (and that's not a good thing for a puzzler): you cannot win. I swear to God this shitty version of Puzzle Bobble is rigged. Normally it takes you ten hits for the next row to come down, so you have plenty of time to build up chain reactions and clear the screen. When you have fewer balls on the grid then the number of hits you get drops from ten to nine to eight. Which is fair enough. But while you would be still able to finish the game at one point this one doesn't let you, because whenever you get close to clear all the balls, it drops a new row. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And it doesn't even give you a warning. Sometimes I had 2 whole hits between one row and the next one coming down. What the hell? Not only can you never finish a game, you'd have to play longer and longer and longer to beat your highscore. Honestly I don't even bother playing it anymore because I once played as long as an hour and a half and I can never be bothered to spend that much time on it again. Bah, what a way to mess with such a cool game :-(

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