Sonntag, 21. September 2008

One Trick Ponies

I finally came up with a scheme to get rich quick: One Trick Ponies! It's the most awesome idea a human mind could have thought of. I breed tiny ponies, down to a size where you could easily place them on your desk or your nightstand. Then they get taúght one trick each. For example 'do a somersault', 'sing ode to joy' or 'dance lindy hop'. I pack them up in a kind of kinder surprise egg and sell them. People will go nuts over those tiny adorable ponies and the one trick they can do. But after a while they'll get tired of the pony doing somersaults over and over again. So, what should they do? They don't wanna get rid of that tiny bugger, because they became attached to it. So they'll just buy another one. That and the fact that they come in different coloring (based on the edition) will quickly make them become a highly sought after collectible item. Some of them are going to be 'rare' (like the maroon version of the bongo playing pony) others are 'common' (the strawberry colored roller skating pony). Soon they'll be a big hit and I'm going to be filthy rich and buy the moon.

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