Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

Who the §X!?*+$% cheats at Mario Kart?

Seriously people. Who is that sad, that (s)he has to cheat at Mario Kart online? I bought this game right when it was published and for the first two months or so, it was hack-free. But disappearing and reappearing players who just vanish when they are right in front of you and then reappear quite a bit further down the road. While i can imagine that player falling in the pits and reappear a second later as if nothing happened are due to time glitches and do not really mean an advantage for anybody, there are now videos at youtube, showing how some morons screw other people over with a hacking tool called ocarina or something like that. And after being tollerant with all those who i clearly pushed into the lava and who then came back in an instant miraculously and stole my well-earned first place, today I just about had enough, when i played a couple of guys, one being called "up is down" beating them fair and square in a tight race on Bowsers Castle N64 only to let the ranking show me that i came in last, for whatever reason. So, what the frick? If you have to cheat, then go hack a bank or something, rob a casino. But down ruin online fun for other Mario Kart users. That's just plain mean. And stupid.

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